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  • Familiar Strangers

    If you travel everyday in a Mumbai local, then you are bound to have certain trains (and their times) in your mind. For e.g – I take the 8.24 Churchgate Slow from Andheri in the morning, if I miss that, then there is the 8.45 Churchgate Slow and the 8.51 Churchgate Slow, etc. Most of […]

  • Uncertainty

    I had gone to a friend’s place today to see his new born baby. Babblo* has a cute little daughter – I hope she doesnt take her looks from her dad! So we got talking as friends do when they meet after a long time. Our favorite “R” word did come up. and so did […]

  • Do you really need that?

    That is the question you should be asking yourself whenever you are about to buy something. If you are not clear then, check out this site. The content is presented by Anne Leonard, who manages to deliver the message so clearly and logically; it’s a shame that we did not notice it earlier. We Indians […]

  • Then and Now

    My first job was in IRIS, in the year 2002. I loved my job. I had joined with seven other software engineers. We bonded really well together. We used to work on different projects, but lunched together … discussed problems, solved them … and generally helped each other out. Life was good, life was beautiful. […]

  • Summers here

    Mangoes, mmmm …. yummm When ice-cream, cold-drink and A/C sales spike up School vacations, ahhh … those were the best. No more pencils, no more books … no more teachers’ dirty looks When employees report early to office and stay beyond their normal time in order to stay in the cool recesses of their offices’ […]

  • Mumbai Police

    Just a note of appreciation towards the Mumbai police force. Today my entire family and I had gone to the police station for verification of our passport. Since the marriage, this is one of our initiatives :-) The police officer came to our house and gave us the time and date for reporting to the […]

  • Happy Gudi Padva

    Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.