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Self-Esteem v/s Employability

While at work today, an interesting discussion cropped up. Whether there is any correlation between Employability and Self-Esteem. Although a lot of work has been done on these two topics independently, I could hardly come up with anything which tied these two together. Interestingly, many firms have tried to come up with Employability Index and Self-Esteem Index, so why not see the behavior of these two?

Before we laugh off Wally, I want to say at the highest point of Employability, the Self-Esteem is the true identity of the individual’s skill sets. It is very difficult to find people like these, whose estimate of their self-worth is equal to the actual difference they make. I remember a study that I had participated, in a sample size of 40 individuals, only 2 of them were close to their self-worth, the rest either thought very highly of themselves or undersold themselves.

Where would you choose to be?

By Prasad Ajinkya

Prasad Ajinkya is the Big Fat Geek and often he spends his time working on the WordPress or Google eco-system. He loves to solve business problems with technology.

3 replies on “Self-Esteem v/s Employability”

hmm… apart from points what you mentioned , I as well feel , knowing ones true worth will help the individual grow and aspire more , and let others have decent expectations from him/her.

Over -expectations on the other hand would end up him/her in a situation where delivery becomes rather a challenge and not something achievable in real time.

May be under expecation is alright, which might still give space for growth.

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