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  • Connecting MySQL to Excel using ODBC Connector

    Connecting MySQL to Excel using ODBC Connector

    A step by step instruction to connect MySQL to Excel using the ODBC Connector.

  • SUBTOTAL in Excel

    SUBTOTAL in Excel

    I generally do not write about Microsoft Excel, for the daily inspiration dose of dashboard heroics I look at Chandoo’s site. However, today I stumbled upon SUBTOTAL and was amazed at what it can do! At work, in Pristine, we run daily numbers of all our online marketing campaigns. Reporting numbers in a template is […]

  • The world without Microsoft Office

    In a discussion with a friend (and an ex-colleague), we were joking about work life in general (euphemism for mutual bitching). It seems that a lot of us are destined to work on Microsoft Office Powerpoint and Microsoft Office Excel almost all the time; be it a job in the sales team, the financial analyst […]