Dominos goes online

My family loves pizzas, so whenever we spend a lazy holiday, we generally order for them. Unfortunately Pizza Hut does not deliver in my area :-(, and the other niche brands take quite some time do deliver their wares. So we have adjusted our palates to enjoy Dominos. I don’t have anything against Dominos, no … in fact I have begun to enjoy their thin crust pizzas a lot (even when they get stale!). So when my wife asked me to find Dominos coupons, I did a quick Google and clicked on few of the top links.

Interestingly enough, one of the links was an ad by Dominos themselves. They are running ads on branded keywords, interesting I thought. On the landing page, I noticed that they are providing a decent coupon (50% off on 2nd pizza) if you order online.

The Domino’s storefront is pretty simple with you getting a list of pizzas and side orders which you can customize. No great shakes. Not a bad experience though, but nothing to ooh and ahh about. After adding the orders to the cart, I proceeded to check-out. On check-out, I was given an order receipt and also given the address and phone number of the store who would fulfill my delivery. Unfortunately, the facility for entering your own address was not that great, and I ended up entering only part of my address. After 10-15 minutes when there was no communication from Dominos (except the order confirmation with the partial address), I got a bit worried and called up the store responsible for the order fulfillment.

Now here’s the kicker, after I contacted them, they decided to check whether my address comes in their area! The order was confirmed, but the operator was prudent enough to provide me a disclaimer that it may take longer than 30 minutes! As I sat down and write this down, the delivery guy rang the doorbell (well within 30 minutes!).

All in all, it was a good experience – however the customer touch points need to be appraised of this online transition (had the operator whom I contacted been a bit more well informed about the online store, then my experience would have been far better!).

Btw, here’s the coupon code I used – FRIFRK50, and you can redeem it here.