Ender’s Game

The thing about sci-fi novels is that when the author is writing the book (this one was in 1985), he has very less idea of what the future would be like. The rate at which things are changing is too fast, even for the imagination of the author. This is where Orson Scott Card dazzles. He has managed to forecast a future where public opinion can be swayed (and controlled) by digital media, space training facilities, colonization of other planets. While this might have seemed a bit far out back then, these days most of these things are very much achievable.

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Reading as a lifelong practice

During my formative years, my parents took pains to ensure that I got access to a lot of books. As a baby I used to happily tear out pages from a book; the only reason my parents must have restrained themselves from taking that book away from me was the hope that one day I […]

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So you want to be an author?

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Technology as a catalyst

This on the New York Times, an article about how a librarian had to change her practice skill-sets from being an archive keeper of knowledge to someone who teaches the right way to access the right data. How many of us still read books? Flip through their pages? Very few of the new generation do […]

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Chetan Bhagat and Integers

Just a random thought … why do all Chetan Bhagat novels have integers in the title? One night at a call center Two states Three mistakes of my life Five point someone Is this by chance, or by design?

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Work is Play!!

  I have been reading Reeves and Read’s Total Engagement: Using games and virtual worlds to change the way people work and business compete, this is as part of my work (I know, rocking job :-)). The whole idea started when we decided to see how individuals change their approach of work if they see […]

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By Valerio Massimo Manfredi, this is one epic which I highly recommend to you all. I bought this trilogy set from Crosswords on the spur of the moment, the fact that I play Rise of Nations also helped pique my interest about wanting to know more on Alexander and his Companions. More popularly known as […]