13 thoughts on “Chetan Bhagat and Integers”

  1. Haha.. love the thread! And good observation, yeah. Wonder why I never noticed that! :P
    How about this for the next movie: 1 farce-patent-war, 4 dirty-linen washers, 2778 blog entries on the subject, 1 billion idiots watching.. :D

  2. Nice observation. But I’m sure he is going to run out of numbers very soon, given the quality of his novels. Add to that his foolhardy attitude. I read his column the other day in Mumbai TOI. It was a dig at Sena and their stand against Pakistani cricketers. It was meant to be a serious article. And yet I burst out laughing :-)

  3. CB; ‘media’s blue-eyed and most over rated author’, writes crappiest of books! but then only if media understood what quality means!
    As for the number in the titles.. by the time his next book comes out, he will be counting the number of readers which I know for fact will only go down!

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