By Valerio Massimo Manfredi, this is one epic which I highly recommend to you all. I bought this trilogy set from Crosswords on the spur of the moment, the fact that I play Rise of Nations also helped pique my interest about wanting to know more on Alexander and his Companions.

More popularly known as Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king is said to have conquered most of the known world. Very few people have tried to do this and reached so far. Reading the books struck me that even back then, there were concepts such as PR, Marketing and branding. The fact that King Philip had huge heroic effigies of his son made throughout Greece ensured a faster acceptance of Alexander amongst the greeks.

The set talks about the lift, the rise and the ultimate death of Alexander and his kingdom. It tells us about how great men make great follies, and how heroes are borne out of great deeds. How leaders come to the fore and take problems head on, how expectations are managed effectively, how people believe in their leaders. There is much to learn about history, Manfredi has truly provided a masterpiece.

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