Silly-kaun Valley!

We recently shifted to a new office. The eTail team has grown so fast over the past two years, that it became imperative for our division to shift to a new office. The postal address boasts of an impressive area – Banjara Hills Road No. 12. I say impressive, since it is by far the most expensive area to live in .. with showrooms and plush restaurants all over the place. Little wonder why the top management decided to shift here, aside from the fact that the office was the only Vastu-compliant office readily available at that time.

The office seems good, but sadly lacks in all the aspects of infrastructure … no Class A internet provided here, public transport to a minimum, cellular networks barely reach here, this place is good for one thing … seclusion. Lack of network reach here makes for highly boring times … I did not know how much chattering I do on my cellphone until I came here.

12 thoughts on “Silly-kaun Valley!”

  1. “but in the current state of affairs I will take lonely over panicked! any time :-)”

    That was cheesy. Any one in the office reads your blog?

  2. @chandoo – yep!! I am all set to go back to home sweet home
    @mayur – interesting deduction sherlock :-) … nahi, i dont think so. anyways, that reminds me, i should have a disclaimer here somewhere!! warna fight ho jaegi :) .. ill ammend the cheesy line though!

  3. Hi!

    Now that you are in Hyderabad, I would urge you to visit 3 places(if you havent already). Even if you are not a foodie!
    1. Hotel Saarvy at Mehendipatnam (I hope i got that right – for chiecken 65 – i am hoping ur not a vegetarian)
    2. Universal Bakery – Have been an ardent fan since the past 12 years now!!!
    3. Papa Ji da dhaba: I think its near universal bakery.

    why am I doing this? because you wrote of hyderabad and I couldnt stop myself from mentioning these places.


  4. Hi Prasad,

    Absolutely true I have been to your new office last week for some official meeting. Look is good but too far , no elevator :(

  5. @LC – Been to Universal quite a few times… an ardent fan in fact … have stopped due to an attempt to reduce the inches :-D

    @veena – Eggjactly! When were you here??

  6. @LC: papa ji da dhaba is awesome. I have been to Hyderabad once and really enjoyed the ‘north indian’ food there.

  7. @ankit – you can complete the adage with nayi biwi as well :-D

    @archana – awesome! my today’s office task of the day :-D!!

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