To WordPress or not?

Baba aka Amol has seriously taken up blogging, you should check out his blog. He can write a nice rhyme when he does find the time! (in case you did not notice, that was my attempt to rhyme :-) ). So Baba tells me that I should check out the great set of features that WordPress has. I had a wordpress powered blog once, but the moment my free hosting provider stopped MySQL support, the blog stopped working. I then migrated to a file powered blog using SimpleBlog, but that was a very minimalistic blog. Giving that up, I moved on to platform.

What Blogger gives me is a very stable platform which is never to go down. Although the themes and the set of features are there but still very less in number, Blogger gives me reliability. Over a telephonic conversation, I tried to see how easy it is to migrate from Blogger to WordPress with all the content … and you know what?? It was a piece of cake … smoothest transition ever!! You can check out the work-in-progress blog here.

So, oh helpful readers of mine, can you help me out in this … whats it going to be … the stability of the blogger platform on google servers or the flexibility of the wordpress platform on a hosted server?

7 thoughts on “To WordPress or not?”

  1. Hey Kida…

    WP anyday for me, my arguments:

    – easy to install, configure and control. With your coding knowledge you can do pretty much everything using it (not tap dancing ofcourse, and yeah, brewing beers)
    – neat community, well documented tweaks to get what you want
    – powerful, database rendering that would suit most normal blog traffic needs

    The only pain I felt is the version changes almost every month. You may want to wait till they roll out 2.7 and then migrate once and for all.

  2. Personally,
    I started off blogging with an LJ account. Then opened a blogger account with an intension of maintaining a separate blog that would be dedicated only to the conversations I have with people. Now gradually I’ve just merged it all into one blog, but then what i found was i did lose a few readers when i moved from LJ to blogger. And it was not for any other reason but inconvenience. So in my opinion , be it blogger, or WP or LJ, just stick to your blog…

  3. Prasad,

    I've used Blogger, and my own hosted wordpress. Also few other platforms not worth mentioning here.

    Take my word – wordpress is super! I recommend getting your own domain (you have one already) & space and then stick to it for years. I moved from to and lost lot of readers ;) .

    There are plenty of themes available to choose from and a big number of widgets/plugins for the sidebar. Also the new version of wordpress looks promising!

    Do write a post on your findings!

  4. i guess the decision depends on the trust you have with your hosting server. if you can find reliable hosting, i would say the migration is worth.
    but as chandoo said, 2.7 version is gonna be out soon….

  5. @sudhir – I know stick to the blog, and its the content that matters .. but the features given by WP are seriously awesome!!

    @biggie – I am seriously considering the transition, will post a complete transition follow-up post for others :-)

    @Archana – Yeah .. I think i will wait till 2.7 then migrate .. till that point of time I can do my research on the migration bit, eh?

    @baba – poet programmer you are, with words and code you spar, be it the poetic spout, or be it C++’s cout, you are COOL without a doubt :-)

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