No more IE readers

Following up from my last post. I have decided to take my hate for IE to the next level. Readers will not be able to read my blog in IE. I have used the browser specific HTML to identify the browser, and dish out customized content to the reader. If you are a Firefox user, you should see the blog as it is without any changes. IE users, beware, you will see that nice grey banner across this content asking you to use Firefox :).

I checked the site statistics, turns out a hefty 35% of my readers use Internet Explorer. Call it creating a niche, or call it active evangelism.

Stay Safe. Get image Firefox.

8 thoughts on “No more IE readers”

  1. @Salil – You said it!! I am :-) and I see your point .. I shall rephrase that banner and make it less annoying. A gentle suggestion perhaps. Thanks for pointing it out. I was blinded for a moment there!

  2. Palm PDAs have always been excellent e-book readers. I cut my e-book teeth on them and still occasionally read a book on my Palm TX. The Sony Clies were also excellent e-book readers and in some ways even better than the Palms. The Sonys had a higher resolution screen and also had that wonderful jog wheel on the left side that made turning pages so easy. It still miss that jog wheel.
    Palm will be announcing its new operating system at CES next year (I won’t going to CES – three years in a row is more than enough) and according to Engadget: What Palm did reveal is that Nova is already in the hands of some of its development partners … and that traditional non-phone PDAs — that is, the foundation upon which Palm was built — will not continue to be developed as Nova comes into play. We still love the Palm V after all these years, don’t you?

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