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Food for Thought: Part V

Ever since Google Reader was shunted, I haven’t been able to settle on a RSS reader. I did try out multiple other services and I am currently using Digg’s reader. Not having a good RSS software kind of puts a huge impediment on one’s reading, and this is probably my excuse for not posting more often!

Growth Hacking: What it Really Means

The team at Markerly has done an excellent job at phrasing this out. Sean Ellis did coin this term way back in 2010, however there are so many separate discussions that can be had around Growth Hacking that it’s best to point everyone to this one lengthy article. Grab a cup of coffee before you dive into it!

Having said that, if you are interested in a simple step by step guide to Growth Hacking, look no further, just follow the link (the heading).

Data APIs, design, and visual storytelling

I chanced upon this article while I was working on an API. No, I was not Googling for code! However, the main philosophy behind that article is pretty much what we at 13 Llama Studio espouse.

The reason why the MEAN stack is started to become a consideration against the XAMP, .Net and Java stacks is pretty much the reason why we should see a world full of APIs and data being exchanged across different platforms. I had blogged about this in 2008 when Yahoo Pipes had launched.

6 Creative Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

When it comes to Email Marketing, we think that it’s an oft tried and tested practice. Such a mature practice has very little innovations left. That’s where the good folks at Vero prove wrong!

This insightful article on how to tie-in your social media activities to work hand in hand with your email campaigns is an absolute must for email marketers.

Spreading the Social Love: Getting Employees to Share Your Content

As a growing firm, 13 Llama Studio (and any start-up) looks at leveraging Employee goodwill to amplify it’s social media efforts. I know of agencies who make their employees like and share all the content that is shared on the official channels.

Whilst this might be draconian, here’s an article that allows organizations to easily introduce the sharing culture within the workforce.

Advanced Content Analysis in Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics. It keeps me on my toes and the amount of interesting things that one could do with it boggles the mind. This excellent article on how to do content analysis using Google Analytics is simply awesome!

It does involve scripting a bit, however that’s true with almost all GA hacks. If you want to be a power-user of Google Analytics, scripting has to be picked up. Do read through this article and try implementing some of these tips on your blog. I know I will!

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