Will you advertise with this site?

I was checking on my list of target keywords on Google for both SEO and SEM, when I chanced upon “CFA Hyderabad” where we are doing good on both the paid rankings as well as the organic rankings. When I was checking the ad, I noticed that one of the ads was by olx (in case you do not know about this site, do not bother to find out!).

They have recently started advertising in a heavy way (even on TV as well).

Buying advertisements so you could sell your advertising platform? Really? Is that how effective your platform is, that you have to pay to get traffic?

Or are you just trying to siphon off traffic from one of the market leaders?

In fact not quite sure whether they are directly in the advertising space, somewhere between Craigslist and e-Bay. I still wonder, why will anyone pay good money to put advertisements on this site?

3 thoughts on “Will you advertise with this site?”

    1. yeah, quickr, naukri.com and even google chrome for that matter. but i seriously question folks such as quickr and olx whose business model runs on advertising. when one media starts relying on other media format for its audience, then its effectiveness has to be questioned :D

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