Brand new day

I am not a job hopper (seriously, I do not switch jobs at a whim), but if you look at my resume, you will notice job hops every 2 years. First was eYantra Pvt Ltd, a start-up in Hyderabad, then Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt Ltd and now I am joining Neev Knowledge Management as their Chief Technology Officer.

Reason for shifting

Making the decision to move on from Illumine was hard. The purpose for which the company worked was noble, and the fact that you are also working for such a cause was energizing. The pay was not bad as well (heck, it was great!!). The only difference was that there was an abject lack of achievable goals.

Yes, we did some cool stuff, but most of the times that never made it to the market. In fact there is a project that has been going for the past couple of years without seeing a long term market. Every time it goes to market, the feedback is used to change the very nature of the product itself … even the target segment. It takes a very dedicated team of individuals to sit through each cycle and look at the long term vision.

Going forward

At Neev, I hope to leverage my abilities as a techie manager to boost online sales and enable other initiatives through technology. Hoping to hone my skills as a web evangelist and to experiment some of my ideas. It’s a web firm, so I am back with unfettered net access :-), so I hope I will be able to keep a stream of posts and updates!

11 thoughts on “Brand new day”

  1. Welcome to Freedom :-)

    There is sooo much more I want to write about good intentions not backed by actions… but i will let go :-)

    Will be nice to see an increase in ur status msgs on fb/twitter

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