Co-ordinate Geometry and Perspective

This is going to be a philosophical post, don’t say that I did not warn you at the beginning. But, I have came across an a-ha! for myself at work. This just does not apply simply to Good v/s Evil, but it can be applied to life itself.

Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin, that means, if I were to have an axis (similar to say X-axis), then Evil will be on the left hand side of the Y-axis and Good will be on the right hand side. Thus, Good and Evil are opposites. Now, my friend, what do you do to eliminate Evil? Think. Don’t move ahead and read the answer, please think. Think Co-ordinate Geometry.

You delete the origin (0,0), you take out the Y-axis. You take out the definition point at which Good starts being Evil. You take out that Evil-defining-perspective (Y-axis). I am defining each axes as a perspective on life, and thus, a way of defining (aka constraining) your perspective. Take out the Y-axis and now you have only a degree of Goodness left.

Now, ask yourself – what happens when you take away the X-axis? That translates into a change in your perspective. A shift which fundamentally changes the way you look at things, look at the world. How much more of the co-ordinate geometry concepts can I apply on this? Does this make sense to you? Would appreciate some feedback on this.

6 thoughts on “Co-ordinate Geometry and Perspective”

  1. I liked your concept of co-ordinates..unfortunately the world is filled with plenty people who take away X-axis.
    Another example of most common factor would be happiness and sorrow.

  2. Well I’d say if good is 1st Quadrant then evil is 3rd quadrant (remember everything in evil is of opposite polarity). So if you take the 3rd quadrant out…you still have the 1st quadrant intact! There’s the moment of xen! ;-)

  3. @Harshaja – Hmmm … yes!! Good ones.
    @Abhishek – Ohh.. c’mon :-) You could be an engineer you know that?
    @Rajat – ummm … the 3rd and 4th quadrants are evil. But Yes, by taking out the 3rd quadrant, you have shifted the origin!! (Geometry again)

  4. In reality, can you eliminate evil by merely applying coordinate geometry? Changing the look will or might lessen the evilness by appearance and not by degree.

    PS: Kida, gosh what happened to you? Married life taking a toll on you or what?

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