Amateur blogger

I have decided to use my fledgling blogging talents (ahem!?! or so to speak :) ) for making some money. There are quite a few blogs out there which pay good money for guest bloggers to write posts for them. Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per post. It doesn’t pay as much as our normal job does, but imagine – you can earn this money without any qualification as such!!

Another style of earning money would be google ads. So please do not be pissed if you see those on my blog in some days. Heres to turning a cost center into a revenue center :-)

4 thoughts on “Amateur blogger”

  1. @Archana – Split screen at the moment. But to turn this blog into a revenue center, have you noticed the google ads? Yes? Now please click on them every once in a while please? :-)

  2. @ Prasad: I bet you haven’t read Google Adsense TOS. If they ever find out (and they will, untimately) that you asked users to click on the ads, they will ban you!

    Never ever ask users to click on the ads!

  3. @Biggie – :) I was kidding re (hence the smiley :) ). As it is, its interesting to see how the Adsense technology tries to come up with contextually similar ads!! Most of the times I tried, it was a hoot.

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