Roadies nahi Toadies

The Indian Media Revolution has brought forth this host of reality shows on different television channels. Life is stranger and more interesting than fiction. MTV Roadies is just one more of these shows … my wife watches it regularly. In fact, so regularly that even I have started watching that damn show.

For people who already know about the show, the first show was a big hit with the youth … bikers especially. Somehow the attitude expressed by the show has transmogrified into something else now.

What I see nowadays on the show can be summarized in one word – immaturity. I didn’t realize that teens can be so stupid and immature. The participants scheme, plot, make idiotic plans … think that they are oh!so powerful and determined to prove themselves. But for what for Chris sakes? They only end up proving idiots of themselves. I sometimes feel sad for the first Roadie, Ranvijay that he has to put up with this.

Then again, I haven’t seen the first season.