I am SAPped!

Back in December, me and my team were in an iterative process for creating a lightweight ERP for our ecommerce based stores. Being a bridge to the technical and the business worlds can be exciting, but without the proper understanding, it can go haywire. Fortunately, we were able to handle the business requirements and all was well. The main reason for any software provider to cry foul is scope change; this is true especially in the case of a flexible business wherein, the entire revenue model of the business changes.

These are the times when the parity between execution and strategy becomes the most clear. So, in December, I had this sudden flash in the pan idea of doing a due diligence for SAP. The right calls and voila, we were underway … what followed were umpteen number of presentations by various SAP implementation partners, visits by the SAP India sales team to reinforce our decision and “smoothen” the entire decision making process.

What will SAP do for me? Well …

  • Accountability, Transparency and Accuracy of information
  • Facilitation of further analysis for top management
  • Scrutiny of our business processes by a Third Party for improvements
  • Adherence to globally accepted norms

Four months down, we have went through the entire workflows and process charts at least three times … the user licenses have been bought, the hosting has been more or less figured out … and you know what … I hope to let go a big phew!

b****c*** bahut kharcha hua re!!

SPECIAL NOTE – The post is written ONLY in a lighthearted fashion and does not in any way reflect the organization’s vision and mission or complete lack thereof.

2 thoughts on “I am SAPped!”

  1. Ha ha ha!!
    I’m sure it’s quite a relief for you once it’s fully functional! BTW this post has brought back some memories for this moron of a writer.[:)]

    I think I’m gonna write about it!

  2. The relief is still to come Sudhir :-) … currently solving all the teething troubles that people are getting around here. Write ahead, we are tuned in already :-)

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