Power of Blogging

Just about a year back, we had a pretty shitty (pardon my french) corporate website. Since my hands were full with setting up FooStor, I did not look at anything else. And all was wonderful, some time after that, a blogger, wrote a post on his blog about how sad the website looked.

We were blissfully unaware about this. Now after a year or so, whenever we google for our company’s name, this post lists as high as the top post on the second page of search results. Not only that, but right now as we speak, we are in the middle of a recruitment drive. And quite a few of the candidates have seen this post and are inquiring about this post. So much so that, I had to drop in a mail to this blogger requesting him to post an addendum to his post about the new and improved corporate website.

Isn’t it great, how much an impact a single blog post can have on a company’s reputation?

Especially, if it is the truth :-)

Thankfully, the blogger responded quickly and also liked the new look, he has also agreed to post an addendum on the previous post. Whew!