Have any of you watched the movie Kya Kehna – its the one in which Preity Zinta gets pregnant while still being an undergraduate. The entire movie is one sob story followed by next, how the society shuns her, how her college shuns her, how Preity’s character simply buckles under all the pressure … well, I have to confess that I could not stand to watch the entire movie. I had to switch the channel, I do not like to watch people roll about in their self-pity.

That is precisely the reason why I loved Juno. The outline of the plot is the same … Juno, the main character of the movie, finds out that she is pregnant. The first 30 minutes go about in how the news has impacted her and all her friends … her parents, and their reaction about the news. The fresh perspective comes now … her parents accept it naturally and extend her the much needed support. Her friend also helps her out in her own inane way … by finding out a surrogate family to whom Juno can donate the child to. Juno meets the loving family, and decides that her baby would be safe with this family. The baby’s father is Juno’s good friend Bleeker (played by Michael Cera from Superbad) who is completely unaware and not there during the entire pregnancy. The movie has its fair share of twists and turns … where we are forced to think about relationships as the plot unfolds.

Juno is shown as the unpredictable, cool chick who is simply not ready for this, and yet she takes this on and goes through it … without victimizing herself. Without feeling sorry for herself at any moment. And thats why I loved it so much. Definitely a 8.2

2 thoughts on “Juno”

  1. I agree kida! JUNO is certainly a movie with attitude stuffed all in it. Clearly showcases a bold and promising girl with a damn-the-world mindset. The entire journey of teem pregnancy has been shown a convincing sense of justice with elements of humour blended well.
    Contrarian view, it also kind of plays a sarcasm on Americans [it happens only in America types]. A thought in which our society might evolve where customs and taboo are OUT! JUNO’s family does not make a BIG deal about it, friends are supportive, guy is understanding which throws the negativity [bad feeling] out in the snow.

    I will not be surprised if we see such reactions from people in India in another 20 yrs.

    All in all a great cinema to watch!!!

  2. @Ankit – Hear! Hear! It would be a beautiful day in Indian cinema, if we manage to take “inspiration” from this movie in the same spirit.

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