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  • Jet Airways runs Linux!

    On my way back to Hyderabad this morning, as I was taking my seat bleary-eyed, I glanced at the Jet Screen. That’s the tiny entertainment TV for the passenger’s viewing pleasure. Could not help but notice that those monitors were running on a centralized system, and that system was booting. The techie inside me wanted […]

  • Microsoft to open up?

    Microsoft has started to take the power of the development community seriously. In a press conference yesterday, they have put a very verbose official release regarding increasing the interoperability of all the high volume MS products by releasing and maintaining documentation of their APIs on their site. As quoted from Steve Ballmer, For the past […]

  • Firefox reaches 500 m :-)

    Its my favorite browser. My only browser for that matter (yes, I sometimes do use Konqueror) and only use the more ubiquitous IE but only to go to Mozilla site and download the latest release of Firefox. Its great to know that all of us have contributed to the magic number. 500,000,000. There’s hope to […]

  • Sun takes over MySQL

    Sun takes over MySQL

    This just in … With Sun being now the hands-down largest contributor to the opensource community, corporate users can only wish that MySQL retains its brand image. Else we can always see Mr. McNealy smiling all the way to the bank. Updating this post after seven years now, MySQL has also been forked into a […]