When I was a programmer, I  really took a taste to coffee. Nothing beats a good techie discussion with a cuppa.  In fact I was so addicted to it during my first job that I used to consume 6-7 cups in a day on a regular basis.

Even today, coffee is part of the morning ritual where I focus my thoughts on work, on the top things to be done … over a problem. This time around, at Neev I have found fellow coffee lovers and aficionados. People who consume coffee in the same copious amounts (if not more) as me … and who can tell different flavors apart. In fact, I think one of the major cost centers at Neev would be coffee :-)

From the simple Nescafe powder, to the gold flakes of Nescafe to the variety of exotic flavors such as Brazilian, Vanilla beans, the rich aroma wafting through the office makes work such a welcome place. Each flavor having its unique aroma, taste, mix … it’s small things like these which makes life (and work) a better place.

Viewing this post after almost 6 years, and so many things have changed at that organization. Looking back, I’d say it was never the coffee, but the people which made that experience special.