After the Dust settles

Have been staying away from posting these days. This is not going to be a post on what should have been or what could have been. The past couple of months have been the hardest to tackle, on the professional front.

Goodbye Development as a Service

I had started 13 Llama Studio with Amit more than 3 years back. We had started providing product development and web development as an IT service.

Since then, I have parted ways with this side of the business. It’s been around 3 months where I have steadfastly not taken any more web development or web design stints.

I am not saying that I will stop coding! It’s just that, it’s easier to focus on the other aspects of running an organization. An organization that does not offer programming as a service.

Consulting Goes on

I intend to however keep working with organizations on the consulting front. This is where instead of being an inhouse one stop shop, it might make sense to work with a lot of other ecology partners.

This is, in fact a call to all readers of this blog who work with IT Service providers and Agencies to reach out and email me at prasad at 13llama dot in.

Inception of the Digital Agency

13 Llama Interactive was setup in the past 3 months and works solely on online promotions. In these 3 months, we have managed to retain the Google Partner status, with a growing focus on measurement and Google Analytics.

One core area of focus for this would be process automation of marketing operations, as well as vying for a thought leadership spot on Analytics.

Until that happens, we will NOT be gunning for growth.

No looking back

Instead of lying around and ruing about what could have been, it is better to focus on the future and get back on track.

I could have done a post mortem of the events of the last year to better understand our follies. However, there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

Having a focus on measurement helps, however, it pains me to sideline something as awesome as WordPress development. I enjoyed all the work that we did at 13 Llama on this, and perhaps from an individual standpoint I will continue to do so.

At some point of time, I was asked this –

How does WordPress seem relevant to your Marketing team?

WordPress and 13 Llama Interactive

WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is fantastic for showcasing Content. When original content is published on this platform, it makes for easier optimization on the search front. It also makes for easier discover-ability on social side of things.

Considering that both search and social platforms are evolving, the rules being dictated for publishers are largely technical specs (metrics such as page speed, AMP, Facebook Instant articles, Twitter pages, etc).

WordPress as a CMS has remarkably adjusted to all these specs, which makes the job of the digital marketer easy. Knowing the WordPress stack helps us to be better marketers, and that’s what counts.

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