Rise of Nations: Militia Rush

When I first heard about the idea, it sounded crazy. Crazy enough that it might just work!! Now kids, dont try this at home, you need a special set of conditions for this to work. You for one have to be Turks (since this strategy uses the Turks powers to the fullest). If your target happens to be Lakota (well you have hit the jackpot then!!)

Notice the above screenshot (its the 7th minute), what the Turkish player does is focus on booming, he builds many villagers (since they are cheap and fast), and gathers a decent amount of resources. With the surplus villies, he scouts for ruins. He ensures that he does Mil2 before he hits Classical age (that way not only military researches are cheaper, the siege is also available). On hitting Classical age, he builds not one but two siege workshops (since each workshop gives 2 free siege weapons for the Turks).

He also has ensured that he as a tower built, in Classical age, he researches Militia, which as we know is an extreme defensive tactic to fight an invasion.

(Contribution from Ameya Mane)

Build a senate and research Despotism. That way your villies get a +2 attack bonus. Also build a university in the background and have one scholar at least, this is your back-up plan in case you fail to retain the capital – in which case now you can safely boom.

Now, the money move … he gathers all his villagers and converts them into militia. That as his defense for his siege engines, he launches an attack on the hapless capital of his enemy. 7th minute, 4 siege engines … that’s fast.

Like all rushes, this move also depends on knowing beforehand the location of the capital and scouting.

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  1. hmm yeah its a good strategy……………One more point to add……..make a senate and an university.
    go for despot…….and min one scholar……….So even you fail to retain caps, you can take on cap bonus and continue with your boom………..senate is required bcoz you can any time forced march(run) and your villagers get +2 attack in his range.
    Not advisory against Chinese, koreans and if your opponent has 2-3 units of army.

  2. Figured out a new KOREAN MILITIA RUSH. This is how it goes:-
    Its not just a religious civ Defensive or Economic
    1) Start with a temple and recieve Temple-researched technologies for free
    2) Start with 1 free citizen and get free citizens for every city built
    3) Recieve MILITIA,Minuteman and Partisan upgrades for free
    4) Citizens repair buildings 50% FASTER
    Free citizens+ Militia+50%=Rush
    Research Science=explore
    Civic=more citizens
    Comerence=Just plain more
    Military=Tower=FREE Militia
    And(AS)Classical age is being researched head to your opponent with all your citizens and just after you hit classical change all citizens into militia.
    Militia counter is Heavy infantry,They do well against most anything else even thou light cal is a counter they kill horses very well.
    To attack faster you can skip researhing commerce you gain 30 to 45 sec.And you can even do a better job than I did.But the ideal is sound.

      1.  Actually, at early stages, the enemy barrack units are just as strong. So a mass of villi-militia will be able to sustain them

  3. Well I’m glad to see there are still people out there who play RoN.

    I tried this militia rush strat. and this is what happened. I played the turks, got my militia, got my siege, got my despot… i even used decoys b4 attacking.
    So, i attacked the city and then out of nowhere my militia suffers 8 attrition damage. They just burned out in seconds. And yes, the were in the despot supply radius.

    Any thoughts on why this happened? I tried several times. I even tried the koreans, but u cant do shit w/o siege.
    Has this strat ever worked for someone?

    1. Are you building siege engines? The reason this works with turks is
      1. cheap and fast villies
      2. 2 free siege for every workshops

      The idea is to strike hard and strike fast. militia to defend the siege, and siege to do the major damage.

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