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Just the other day I was talking to Amol aka Baba. Our discussions can  meander from technology to yoga to relationships, well to put in a nutshell, they makes you think (yes, its a philosophical post). So, the question that cropped up was – What is peace of mind mean to you?

Any takers? Well for me, peace of mind is the place where I don’t have to make any extra efforts to reach my destination. Further thinking led to the point that you can be en route to that destination and still have peace of mind, which I think could be the case when you know that in due course you are going to get there.

Baba later pointed out, that a person can feel uncertainty, anger, frustration, et al and still have his/her peace of mind. If the person knows the difference between his core feelings – the ones which help him achieve his id and his ternary feelings – the ones which can be dispensed off with i.e.. the anger, frustration, et al. But that person would have to be completed detached – a sadhu of sorts. That would be some person … well for one, his family would not be happy with this guy’s eternal cool.

Kind of reminds me of that Socrates’ incident, when his wife threw a bucket of water at him because he would not get into a fight with her. After which Socrates coolly said, “It seldom rains after the thunder”. Now that is peace of mind :-), What say?

6 thoughts on “Peace of Mind”

  1. I disagree with the statement “you can be en route to that destination and still have peace of mind”.

    Peace of mind is something where you don’t have to struggle with having to make decisions (any kinds). If you are en route to such a place (physically or psychologically), that means you are going to a “safe” place, which need not really translate to “peace of mind”. That happens only when you can make decisions regarding critical aspects of your life (work, personal) and still not be troubled. That’s peace of mind for me – ability to think and act without hesitation in the right manner.

    Maybe it does not come out properly in here, but maybe when we meet up (soon, soon!!) we can discuss more on this.

  2. Hey was just browsing through your blog when my attention got fixed on this topic.I am 7 years younger to you,so with all humility i just wanna share my definition about peace of mind.Actually they are LORD BUDDHA’s words.”PEACE OF MIND IS A BYPRODUCT OF A HAPPY MIND,AND THE MIND IS HAPPY WHEN IT IS NOT GENERATING ANY DEFILEMENTS”.The soul is ever free,sat-chit-ananda.It is the “Knower & Observer” of the body & mind.When we stop identifying ourselves with the body & mind we realise our own nature is of eternal bliss,mind as a result remains at peace.

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