Reality or Perspective?

In a world where the difference between real and virtual is diminishing day by day, I ask you … do you have your own version of reality?

We as a human race tend to twist the reality around us to suit our needs, to feel comfortable and self satisfied … to know that we are correct and proper. In fact saying this makes me feel as if I myself am doing that … sitting on my high horse. But is it not true?

Then one would say, you should empathize with that person and see the world from his perspective … true. If that is the case, then what is real? Or more importantly what is correct and what is wrong?

In the book Shantaram (read this one if you havent already!!), the character Kader Khan might be the closest one to that answer … if everyone in the world does that act, and that act simplifies the universe, then it is not correct (since the very nature of the universe is to become more and more complex). Take the example of murder, if everyone started committing this act, then the human population will dwindle … this simplifies the universe … not good. Or adultery, if everyone starts sleeping around … then marriage, relationships, etc, are inviolated … this simplifies the universe … not good either!!

If everyone starts blogging, this creates a complex blogosphere of opinions, information and thoughts … complex!! I blog, do you?