Enthusiasm v/s Experience

What would you reward more in your firm? Often, in a start-up, you need that zeal, that spirit, that enthusiasm to get things going. To overcome the inertia of normal living, to overcome the difficulties that would falter any one … to get the thing done. My sales team is full of young and enthusiastic fellows.

We recently hired a new director to head one of the SBU’s of the firm. Jolly Jose has a mountain of experience behind him, is persistent and dedicated to the job, knows enough tricks and tips of the trade to get those things done. His experience offers him insights that we normally miss out on. My technology team started out young, but now is a mix of veterans and enthusiastic people, I favor the experienced guys myself, since I know that when the cookie crumbles, it is the battle hardened veterans who will keep their cool and carry the ship through past seen stormy waters.

So what do you think? Enthusiasm or Experience?

8 thoughts on “Enthusiasm v/s Experience”

  1. Balance of both. And a mutual respect and openness.

    The experienced people would bring their experience to the table but would not cull the enthusiasm of the young lot. The enthused youngsters would keep the team charged, but would look up to and respect the experienced folk.

    And Osama bin Laden would do charity work for Missionaries of Charity, and pigs shall fly…

  2. You forgot abt me loosing 30 kgs .. or yourself a brand new HCL leaptop … or when hell freezes over … or when I agree with you on god :)

  3. I completely agree with the big K! Nothing beats “Passion”. Oh BTW a pool table or Playstations can help to…[:)] no better levelers these.
    anything that can help overcome disparity, I’d say, creates an atmosphere that’ll help the young gain the experience and the veterans some enthusiasm.

  4. You need both, but over every thing else, you need passion to perform and excel. I have seen duds who have loads of experience of doing nothing.

    One of my managers in my previous organisation once said “Ideas are common to all, even a 5yr old boy can come up with a mind blowing idea. But you need experience to convert that idea into action.”

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