To IPL or to IPO?!?

This is a follow-up to Sudhir’s post on IPL. Yesterday I was reading the Economic times whilst the bai was cleaning my room (that’s the only time when I took a break from Sacred), and there it was … in the big headlines pattern.

IPL teams can raise capital through going public … or via private equity as well!! Imagine the Mumbai Indians being listed on the BSE, and everytime they have a match against some other team, the share prices would buckle, a cricket crazy nation … now putting their money where their mouth is. I am just waiting for those Sports Team Mutual Funds … wanna bet that Ravi Shastri launches one??

5 thoughts on “To IPL or to IPO?!?”

  1. Yes sir! It was me, was wondering if I could meet you one sunday…Had some more stuff to pass on to you…been downloading Ducktales. He he!

  2. wow! What say monday or tuesday sometime.. going to mumbai this weekend. Or if it has to be a sunday, then lets make it next sunday. You free then?

  3. Oh BTW, Pragyan Ojha has replaced Murli Karthik! Now i really feel like an expert!

    Next Sunday then!

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