IIM Jobs

No, I am not job hunting. Atleast not yet :)

But I came across this great site. Its iimjobs.com

Its a portal for all job hunters or for those of us who want to know our market value, and feel good with that information. The site has a simple layout with all the recent job openings on top. Plus, if you are particular about one stream only, then you can browse through the job postings by specialty.

And the best part about the site is that you do not have to register to get to the content.

Kudos Tarun!!

Coming back to this post after a decade, and can say so much has changed about IIM Jobs. It has become one of our default sites to post jobs, and also refer to friends and family when they are hunting for opportunities.

In the start-up eco-system, I can see that founders are posting jobs for co-founders.

2 thoughts on “IIM Jobs”

  1. Hi Prasad,

    A little late with the reply but still got there :) Thanks for the thumbs up for our website…we have a new layout with more premium jobs. Also you’ve got the site address wrong; it’s iimjobs(dot)com


    1. Hey Aman, no worries there. In fact when I wrote this post about IIMJobs, it was one of the main referrers to the site (at least that was how I came in touch with Tarun, since he did drop me a line for Thanks :))

      Yes, I will update the link, was a bit of an oversight, thanks for the catch!

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