Jaago Jaago … Jaago Re!!

I am sure that all of you have seen that ad by Tata Tea (I think I got the brand right) … and some of you might even have tried to figure out what does voting have to do with tea? Frankly, not much.

But have you visited the site – Jaagore? Well, I decided to give it a whirl today. The site is all about increasing our awareness about voting and voter registration. It aims at clearing some of the myths that are amongst us … some of them being –

  1. That you can vote only from your place of birth/permanent residence (FAIL)
  2. You do not have sufficient proof of residence to register as a vote (FAIL)
  3. Voter ID card is essential for voting (FAIL)

Coincidentally, I was talking with Baba about having a political based social networking site just this weekend. The data presented on the site is accurate but could be arranged in a better manner. I hope this site gets more hits!!

LK Advani does an Obama!!

I am trying my hand with Google Adsense again. Something always interesting comes out of these ads, trust me. This time around, one of the first ads I saw on the blog was of our very own beloved LK Advaniji.

I am sure most the net-aware citizens would already be knowing of this, but still thought that I would pen a few thoughts on this. The recent US Elections, which were closely followed by the rest of the world to see who becomes the leader of one of the most powerful (really? even now? I dont know) economies of the world. Take a look at this article, which outlines how Mr. Obama used the medium of the internet to garner in those votes. Can LK Advani do the same? Only time will tell … let me dig up my voters card till then.

Politics v/s Economic Development

I just read this, only in Bengal can this happen … maybe in Kerala as well. But at least the South Indian states have realized that reform can only be ushered in through economic development of the state.

If it is good for the country, does that justify sacrificing the lifestyles of a small segment of the populace? Logically speaking, I would say yes, but as the marathi saying goes – jyachi jalte tyalach kalte. Sometimes the ruler does have to make hard decisions, and those are the times when the opposition party is waiting for … to make a big hue and cry for garnering more votes.

Ughhh! What a mess … It really is surprising that how governments get anything done.