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  • Religion: A waste of time

    Religion: A waste of time

    The recent news of the Ayodhya verdict have started a spate of debates across all media (from NDTV to Facebook!). That apart, so many discussions wherein people end up confusing religion and god. I thought it was high time I pen down my thoughts on the difference between the two and whenever such a discussion […]

  • God

    I am fascinated with God. Obsessed even. That’s precisely why I have jumped out of bed at midnight and started writing this post. This post came to me as an epiphany :-) (yes, even I have thoseĀ  every now and then). God is a concept people made to turn internalists into externalists. The concept turns […]

  • Faith


    Me and Amit have been having this debate since the past 2 and a half years now. It’s on the existence of god … I take the side of the theists and Sharma takes the side of the atheists. In fact he has gotten so good at that that by now he is a moderator […]

  • God as a Brand

    God as a Brand

    I tend to have these philosophical discussions with my roomies. It can meander from God to Good and from behavior to endeavor. The works. If I document these entire discussions, then that itself would be a blog. So, one fine day we were discussing God. I know, its such a great topic … if only […]