If you have played the Fallout series and the Oblivion series, then you would know that Bethesda Softworks attempts at creating Fallout 3 was a botched up mess. The storyline was good enough, but the game itself contained so many glitches that gamers hardly got any smooth experience of game play. The game would crash so often that many would leave this game untouched.

That space of post-modern warfare which is FPS + RPG which was initiated by the likes of Halo (only hints of RPG) and Bioshock was left empty.

In comes Borderlands, a game by Gearbox Software. They have created this unique blend of RPG and FPS (its touted to be Mad Max meets Diablo). Interestingly Gearbox is no stranger to FPS games, with 6 contributions to the Half Life series, and massive contributions to Counterstrike … the company is a giant in the FPS series. They the elements well … shooting, crouching, crouch + jump, duck … they have a rock solid base.

The game is based on the planet Pandora (creativity at its peak, huh??), with the hero (to be chosen between a Rifle touting Soldier, a Sniping Hunter, a Covert Siren and a hulking Brick) searching for the mythical Vault and aliens. The search for aliens and Vault leads him onto many game quests and many more bosses which lead us to the uber-loot. The game designer did have a sense of humor … all the special equipment has funny comments written for us to figure out what the equipment does.

Borderlands has an interesting multi-player aspect where a player can complete certain plots of the game by himself, then go online and play co-op to complete the hard parts.

All in all a good smooth experience to play and it ensures you keep coming back for more. Give this a whirl if you are a CS and a Diablo fan!!