Rise of Nations: Barbarian Rally tips

If you ever decide to explore the game without the multi-player aspect, then you are bound to check out the Conquer the World campaigns which are a part of the single player campaigns that one can play.

The Barbarian Rally is a scenario type which is described as follows –

Barbarian Rally: Take control of a neutral territory in one of the early turns in the campaign and then defend your city against a constant onslaught of barbarians. It’s a defense mission, so increase the defenses around your city with towers and the like. Produce military units to remain close to your city and intercept the invading forces. The invaders increase over the course of the mission, so expect to be nearly surrounded in the mission’s concluding minutes.

I am playing in the Tough mode, so was expecting an early onslaught, the good part about this scenario is the resources that you are given. Be wise to utilize them properly. To reach the classical age, you will need to research 9 technologies, which is a resource hogging strategy. A better idea is to go into defensive mode and be prepared.

This strategy worked for me –

  1. Build towers, the more the merrier
  2. Definitely go for one more city, you will need the gold that you get out of the trade for building archers
  3. Build 2-3 archers per tower and city, garrison them
  4. Next go for a mix of HI and LI
  5. Garrison soldiers to heal them
  6. Keep a watchout for siege weapons and take them out on priority
  7. Build an outpost, not only will it increase the size of your city, but also it will reveal hidden enemies (Contributed by Ameya Mane)
  8. In the end of the game, you will be swamped … take all your villagers and put them on repair mode. Especially the towers and the capital