Fingall and the Viking Saga

The Viking incursions of the United Kingdoms was possibly one the major events that impacted trade and culture in Europe. Folks who have been following the series – Vikings about the norsemen and how they changed politics in England would be interested in a new series by James Nelson.

Fingall means white strangers, which is the term the Irish kept for the Viking raiders who not only raided England and Ireland, but also settled in the country for its greener pastures (as compared to the Scandinavian country).

The Danes were termed Dubh galls meaning black strangers … most of the history of Vikings and Danes in Ireland relates to the three nations vying for superiority in the country.

This history is very well explained in the Norsemen trilogy of Fin-gall, Dubh-linn and Lord of Viklo. The story is told from the perspective of three norsemen – Thorgrim Night Wolf, Jarl Ornulf Hrafnson and Harald Broadarm, who are father, grandfather and son respectively.

For any one who is interested in the Viking culture, Fingall is a good place to start reading about how their tactics at war and at seafaring ensured that they were always having an upper hand.

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