Start-up? Head to Bangalore

If you are forming a start-up or planning to start one, then Bangalore is one of the best places where you can set this up. A simple search for jobs in bangalore will give you a huge listing of career opportunities in this city. Bangalore is definitely a contender for being the Silicon Valley of India.

What makes this city such an attractive spot for start-ups?

  • Perfectly located: Bangalore is easily reachable by air, road, rail and water. So cargo freight companies have their major offices in this city. The recent upgrade of the airport also has scaled up the air traffic capacity of the city. Visitors of the city who have been travelling in Bangalore for the past decade would know what I am talking about.
  • IT Hub: Bangalore is one of the first IT mega cities in the country. What this means is better infrastructure as compared to the other cities, a tolerant government and a nurturing ecosystem of good quality labour. Even today, it is still known that to setup a tech-based startup, you need to be in Bangalore
  • Follow the Money: A lot (and I mean A LOT) of Venture capital Firms are based in Bangalore. Firms such as Accel, Sequoia, Argonaut, DFJ are all based out of Bangalore and generally try to see whether the organization they are investing in can shift their bases to this city.
  • Awesome Weather: Throughout the year there’s only one cool temperature in this city. It amazes me as to how this can be, but there you have it.

Obviously, with such great pros there have to be a few cons (the traffic being amongst the main ones there!). Hey, its not Valhalla that we are talking about right? A lot of great tech-based startups are here … Flipkart, Myntra to name a few.

So, forget other places such as Mumbai (too expensive), or Hyderabad (no good programmers). Head on to Bangalore and setup a base there!

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