Droid drool

Bought a Samsung Galaxy S today. Have been raving about it since. First blog post from the mobile using WordPress for Android.

By Prasad Ajinkya

Prasad Ajinkya is the Big Fat Geek and often he spends his time working on the WordPress or Google eco-system. He loves to solve business problems with technology.

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thx muchos! can you also tell me which apps are you using? i have installed wp, twitter, fb, 4sq, alchemy, hangman, google reader, teamviewer, firefox, angry birds, hootsuite, linkedin and google docs :-)

Couple of reasons –
1. the cost – 30k+ is way to high to pay for a phone
2. no incremental benefits. performance is a poor excuse for paying 11k extra for the same functionalities (albeit a bit faster).

I have expendable income, but not to throw away on extra processing for a device which 80% will be used for normal activities.

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