Today, we received a query on our website from a 16 year old boy. It was about wanting more details about the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program. I was absolutely stumped. This program is generally attempted by folks who are doing or have done their MBAs, or at least graduates. Of course, the CFA Institute has no qualms with an under-graduate talking the first exam, in fact the boy is completely eligible for giving the first level of the exam.

Now, go back 5-6 years (or in my case 15) … when you were in your 10th standard, did you have such clear aim in life?

I mean, its astounding.

I have nothing but respect for one so focused. When you know what you want, then getting it becomes easy. Kudos Kiddo! and God Bless!!

10 thoughts on “Focus”

  1. Another perspective : A lot of the youth today do not know what they want. But trying things early and failing at them gives them enough time to change careers and finally find out what makes them tick…

  2. it’s just a certification dude. focus is easy to achieve when you don’t know of many choices. i’d give it to the boy if he could tell other equivalent alternatives, and tell why he chose a particular one. extra points if he can tell what he’ll get at with that certification.

    1. Baba – At 10th standard, you have loads of options other than CFA. I am giving him points simply because he knows that this might be a viable option.

      When I was in 10th, I did not have the foggiest. The only goal was to do woolgathering in the 11th, and prepare for the 12th.

      1. Is CFA a really viable option at 16? You might consider the bias toward it because you are selling a service based on CFA.

        I am sure the part of quantitative methods and economics should be easy for the 16yr old. But, understanding the ethics, corporate finance, financial reporting involved in CFA is far better if you have been exposed to the corporate / finance life. Of course, he can get around that part by the same technology we applied for years: “ratta”. Unless the guy is super-genious, he’s going to do just that.

        At 10th, I did not have much idea either. But, then, there was no Internet, no cable TV either. It turned out ok. Loading up too early is overrated.

        1. You know what Baba, CFA Institute says that you can appear for the Level 1 after 10th. So its a viable option.

          The other concerns that you have raised (and I could’nt agree more with them) is why I am respecting the kid. Some of the concepts involved (including financial reporting, ethics, etc) are too complex to be understood at that age (at least they were for me!).

          When I was in Xth, I only looked forward to relaxing in the XIth standard.

          1. About time.

            BTW, an institution’s age rules do not make it a viable option. The biggest institution of our country, the government says I can get married at 21. And I still think it’s not a viable option at this age;)

            1. Heh, that makes the viable thing very subjective, aint it? Then who are we to decide whether its viable for the boy. If the boy thinks it is viable, then it is. If not, then otherwise.

  3. i had a class mate in my 10th who had such similar goals. he topped the year and the teachers kept pushing him to take up a science group and do an engineering degree or become a doctor. but he persisted in his decisions and said he had goals in life. such people are a rare find :) but its nice when we meet someone like that. :)

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