World Champions!

It’s Diwali in Mumbai. I can hear to the fireworks still going on … as Dhoni and the Indian team is getting prepared for lifting the world cup.

Cricket is a religion in India, and you could see it today as many Indians in the stadium were praying during the last few tense moments. The entire nation had come to a stand still during the final match of the World Cup 2011.

I had to drop my parents off to the railway station, and the roads were as empty as they normally are at 2am in the morning. Traffic signals were not working, auto rickshaws were not there. Imagine no traffic near Andheri Station!!

A final note, I had been a critic of MS Dhoni, but I am happy to admit that I was wrong. Well played Mr. Cool!! Hats off!! And Thank You!!

A side note … where is Ms. Pandey?

2 thoughts on “World Champions!”

  1. don’t make me abandon the link to your blog dude. it’s fast turning into local / sports news report blog.

    i’d like more such sports events, good time to test your vehicles top speed on city roads.

    1. Baba, first time have I seen India winning the world cup, this post had to be done. I typed it out as Dhoni hit that six.

      And 120kmph in Mumbai :-) (Sunday)

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