What are Indians yearning to learn?

Every year Google releases their Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times”). I was going through their 2009 release when I came across this list for India.

The top 10 How-To’s that were searched in India are listed below

How to
  1. how to kiss
  2. how to hack
  3. how to meditate
  4. how to study
  5. how to swim
  6. how to draw
  7. how to flirt
  8. how to chat
  9. how to concentrate
  10. how to download

Does that tell you something about the average Indian web-user?

A romantic student who fantasizes about being a cyber superhero but in reality is failing in studies.

5 thoughts on “What are Indians yearning to learn?”

  1. Does it show that we are pulled between three ideals – the spiritual, the intellectual and the material?

    Atma Balam, Buddhi Balam & Bahu Balam (as each one defines it!)

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