Theory and Practice v/s Practice and Theory

I graduated in 2006, one of the last subjects I took was IT Enabled Marketing (ITEM). Another was Business Models for E-Commerce (BMEComm). The subjects were easy to crack, and were a breeze. We call these mickey subjects, since the subjects are easy to cruise and you get along by putting half the effort required.

After graduating, I was (and am) involved in 2-3 web start-ups. Great ideas, good people … but none of them know exactly what is it thats to be done. Everyone explores. They finally get it right, and so did we. The thing that gets to me, is that we have been taught all this … in theory. But then we never appreciated that theory then. Theory is useless without practice, and practice without proper theory is a blind struggle.

Today, I am tempted to open by texts and see if the models that we have been taught make sense. I am sure that they.

As I stand on a platform to make the jump, I would like to have some sound theory with me as well.

2 thoughts on “Theory and Practice v/s Practice and Theory”

  1. great stuff in the book. The book clear your thoughtprocess and streamlines it. Its always upto one to implement and make use of it..

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