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If I have to go by the entertainment shows on TV these days, then I think the society is slowly going to the dogs. So many of them, and all of them are just so wrong … they involve celebrities, big and small that people worship. That people want to emulate, that people look up to … and all of them so fucked up in the head.

Sadly my wife watches all of these brain-dead shows. (Sigh!!) Sitting at home can kill those grey cells. So one of the shows currently involves one small time celeb emotionally harassing a German girl who happens to be one more small time actress. The guy has gone on a pseudo-satyagraha until the girl doesn’t say that she loves him!! The nation which laid the foundations of non-violence and proving your point by sheer will power is now stooping to these tactics? And, the media is broadcasting this?? And people are lapping it up???

Then you have MTV and other youth channels who bring together idle and adrenaline charged youngsters to come together and scheme against each other. Are we as Indians really that idle and shallow that we derive entertainment out of watching all this?

– a sad and dejected Indian

By Prasad Ajinkya

Prasad Ajinkya is the Big Fat Geek and often he spends his time working on the WordPress or Google eco-system. He loves to solve business problems with technology.

6 replies on “Reality Shows”

The point is, we keep on copying from the world instead of creating something on our own. I guess its okay to copy, but then one must add some originality to it. Sadly we don’t do that.

Reality shows suck because they’re produced, directed and aired by peanut brained drunken monkeys.

I personally feel terribly sorry for the kids who grow up watching the crap [Sinchan is crap!].

Sorry, gennext.

Peanut brained drunken monkeys is correct, except you identified the wrong people. Its not the producers and directors, but the viewers themselves. The shows wouldn’t be there, if viewers had the brains to switch the channel when they see them.

Also, the alternative to reality shows (all the Ekta Kapoor sagas) suck big time too!

Damn the scripted reality shows!

The producers keep blaming the viewers saying it is them who want to see the non sense. It is true, so is the vice versa. In reality, the television today sucks big time. Forget serials, look at what our famed news guys are doing?

The creative guys have gone brain dead! Sadly the truth of today is, you show controversy, create the fake dramas and it sells.

@Aina: Switching channels wont help. Every where is the same story.

Thankfully the cricket and football matches haven’t changed. I have also developed keen interest in watching golf to save myself from the gory television soaps. :-)

I hope my children, when they arrive, will have better sources of entertainment.

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