The Weaker Sex

  • There is a 30% quota on all engineering seats in Mumbai, reserved for girls
  • Women have a higher tax bracket of 1.8 L.p.a
  • Free education for girls in all public schools
  • Have you tried getting a facial? Or your limbs waxed? A bikini wax?
  • Or delivering a child?
  • Or handling cooking and other chores alongside your job?

I sometimes wonder why they don’t call men the weaker sex?

10 thoughts on “The Weaker Sex”

  1. quite true…i did wonder abt this sometime back…heard a lot of times tht delivering a baby is no fun…and could be very painful….infact in some species of animals, arent the women the stronger species ? like mgmt n stuff..

  2. u know what i think………
    they love being called the weaker sex ………..and yes……. they love to be expected to be treated in a certain manner…….. and yes these are all the sacrifices they make…….. otherwise how would they nag your head off :)
    they love being the underdogs……meaning if they were the boss………. or the achievers they wouldnt get to do the damsel in distress act :)
    they want stronger husbands, more earning well settled ones….
    how many indian gals u know would go for a guy who is earning less then them or less qualified then them………….

  3. for that matter ……how they would get the 30% quota or a higher income bracket if they declare themselves as the stronger sex…

  4. I do agree with Nikhil that girls would cry about discrimination, but wouldn’t go for a guy who earns less than them. Not just Indian girls, girls everywhere.

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