Smokers Beware

cigarette_burning I am generally a tolerant person, but I have decided to step up my protest against smoking. Quite a few of my friends smoke (you know who you are!!). Is it not unfair, to smoke it every day, it’s almost criminal. You are not only killing yourself (which is OK with me), but you are also polluting the air for your peers. Thankfully most of the people I know are considerate enough to remove themselves off the premises and go for a smoke. Out in the office corridors, or just outside the restaurant, et al. Have I got some news for them!?!

From Oct. 2, 2008, the Government of India will put a ban on smoking on private AND public premises. Punishable with a fine of Rs. 200/- (to be hiked to Rs. 1200/- soon). These fines can not only be exercised by policemen, but also by school-teachers, bus drivers, motor-men, social workers, etc. Restaurants who have a smoking section will have to keep that in a separate enclosure with a separate ventilation. Employers will be fined a heft Rs. 5000/- per employee. Whoooweee!!! I hope they increase the tax on cigarettes as well.

Let the smokers burn in their own heaven!! Sing the song with me fellows – Bh3nch0d Sutta, Sutta na mila …

12 thoughts on “Smokers Beware”

  1. This guy isnt thinking beyong Skoda.
    Anyway, Prasad, I voice your opinion loud too. I HATE smokers, more because they make other’s life miserable.

  2. Try watching “Thank you for Smoking” when you get a chance. If you already have watched the movie, then ignore this comment!

  3. This is such good move.. I am not sure how allowing teachers, social workers etc. to fine smokers is going to work.. but I hope this reduces the nuisance smokers create… :D

  4. @ashish – Aaron eckhart rocks in that movie .. loved the last line .. tiger woods plays golf, jordan plays ball … i, talk.

    @chandoo – i hope its enough to scare active smokers into going to areas where their secondary smoke does not harm anyone.

  5. I don’t know if I should bring this up, but I remember you being appreciative of smoking and lamenting that you’d not be able to pick up this habit, albeit for different reasons.

  6. yeah! the aftertaste sukzz!! appreciating because 1. its a good networking cult 2. it keeps you alert. Amit, check out the video on youtube about ill-effects of smoking … they took 400 ciggies, filtered their smoke through water, the water turned soot black. the water was then boiled, leaving behind tar!! would you do that to your lungs?

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