I love the truth. It’s absolute … impartial, undeniable, it is out there. And no one can say otherwise. A lot of people I know run away from the truth in search of answers that satisfy them. Would it not be better if men would be men and stood straight to face the truth … and nothing but the truth.

One more thing, truth is cold and it is bitter.

PS – Dear reader, worry naught. I was in a melancholic tone of mind when I wrote the post, but now I am good :)

PPS – Hey!! You know what?!? I just got engaged!!! More on that later …

PPPS – No more PSes for now. Time to go home!

3 thoughts on “Truth”

  1. Kida – I don’t get this.

    I gathered following from your post in the given order –

    1. You’re in philosophical mode.
    2. You were in philosopical + melancholic mode.
    3. You just got engaged.

    … I’m bit, you know… scared.

    [PS: Congratulations!!
    PS2: CE Hydie Meet to happen @ Kida’s place! Yaaaa HOOOO!!]

  2. muwahahaha :)))) .. those three points are not related … trust me … the only relation is that I am in Hyderabad and she is in Mumbai
    PS – thanks buddy :)
    PS2 (nice one btw) – Awesome!! Who all are there??

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