IPE taking on Ibibo!

I was just checking out the alexa rankings of this new site I read about in Deccan Chronicle (yeah! sometimes I do read newspapers … no, I actually dont!!). Its apparently the firstIndian pr0n toon star (the IPE in the title stands for Indian Porn Empire)!! Her name is Savita Bhabhi, and the site is a daily comic strip of her shall we say “exploits”.

I compared the pageviews of savitabhabhi dot com to ibibo dot com (no links, I do not wish to link myself to these sites), and lo behold! check out for yourself …


Just an interesting piece of stats and comparison, if nothing else. But, isnt it interesting to note that the same time the traffic stats on ibibo went down, those on savitabhabhi went up.

Sidenote – What do you think would be ibibo’s target market?

PS – This post in no ways is an attempt to offend any of the owners of the sites mentioned.

4 thoughts on “IPE taking on Ibibo!”

  1. “ibibo dot com (no links, I do not wish to link myself to these sites),”

    Hee hee hee… with due apologies to Rahul Razdan :)

    but if you see the line for ibibo, it’s not really a decline, it’s mostly a flat trend, and if anything, it’s a bell-shaped curve.

    but the inference is hilarious :)

  2. ibibo’s target market apparently seems to be people like you, given the fact that you know about this site. [:p]
    On a sidenot, what makes you think that the traffic on ibibo went down anytime? Control chart the stats and you will find that the “downtime” that you are talking about is in fact the process variation and wouldn’t be considered as a trend down yet.

  3. @ashish – well, at first I thought I would simply compare the traffics, but notice the dips and the rise in both the curves.. its almost perfectly timed :-) … but you realize, that to reach conclusions like these, I have to jump logic somewhere ;-)

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