Taxes as Perks

The end of the fiscal year and I am waving goodbye to what the taxman has taken from me. Just another gloomy evening when I came across this link.

Is it not great how companies can twist pain to feel like pleasure? Everybody hates paying taxes, so do CEOs. And now a perk to their job is that the firm will bear the brunt of their taxes.

Suddenly, I feel that I want to be a CEO.

4 thoughts on “Taxes as Perks”

  1. Heres how US does its taxes –
    When you start a new job, you fill out a W4 form where you list all your dependants and basically let your employer know how much money to deduct from each paycheck towards taxes. If you are smart you can have them deduct money such that by the time April rolls around, you don’t owe anything to the government. But the best strategy is to deduct more than needed, so that when you file your taxes, you get all the extra cash refunded. Its like a bonus even though its your money which is similar to you saving it over the year.

  2. Who says they are refunded overnight over here? It takes anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 weeks if you are lucky.

  3. @ashish – 2 yrs is more or less a normal time :-) .. i do not expect mine to come any sooner than that!

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