Indians are Brand Conscious

This is from LiveMint. They say that Indians rank third in the world in terms of being brand conscious. The study further says that Indians are not only conscious about the imported brands but also know about the domestic brands as well. Heres a quote –

In a luxury brands survey conducted by The Nielsen Company, a global information and media research company, India ranked third after Greece and Hong Kong in the list of most brand conscious countries in the world.

And if you look at it, its true! Heck, I just bought an iPod … I would categorize Apple as a luxury brand. Just take a look around you, and you will see brands everywhere …

  • He is an IIM grad
  • I just took a Kingfisher flight, the air hostesses were worth it
  • Moods please
  • It’s a SONY
  • One Signature large please

Need I say more?

8 thoughts on “Indians are Brand Conscious”

  1. Amongst the total population, What percentage of Indians are brand conscious is something we need to think about.
    Amongst the rural – Yamdoot motorbike, fair and lovely, lux, vicks… lifeboy, paan parag, etc etc…come to think of it, the list aint that bad at all!!

  2. Hey LC! Great suggestions!! By brand conscious do you mean willing to pay an additional premium for that brand, or just simply aware of that brand. Awareness would be very high, people willing to pay a premium were at 40%.

  3. @ LC – 40% is great!! Imagine 40% of them are willing to pay for the value of the brand … talk about tangiblizing the intangibles!!

    PSST – Have a better commenting engine on your blog :-) to stop anonymous posters!

  4. Hi Prasad,

    Thanks for the suggestion – I am not really that tech saavy. I will try finding my way around – incase I need help, ill holler. Btw, do you know those people by any chance?

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