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I was going through IIM Indore’s placement report which was released officially a couple of days back. Eager to know what my alma matter has chalked up, I went through the report. What interested me is not the fat packages and the multi-colored graphs done on the data, but the last part of the report.

The Batch of 2008 also saw two students taking the road less traveled of initiating a business venture of their own, as part time to start with. They have founded – an innovative website that provides visitors a chance to participate in a collaborative book writing project, and get recognized as co-authors of the final book published.

A collaborative book! That interests me … back when we were students, we often used to pass around small scraps of paper where one used to read the current contents of the paper, add some of his own and pass it further. The final outcome used to be hilarious. Many such stories and poems even had been made and fondly saved by us. This idea of Our Own Book seems to stem from such an idea. Immediately, it struck me as a Wiki way for writing your story … a Story 2.0 or a Story + wiki = Stiki!

Some concerns about this mode of writing is that all the authors should be in-sync with each other’s writing style and mentality. If this is unknown, then the story can meander into unknown … it can take a life of it’s own. And thats the exciting part … I remember reading this funny mail about how a psychologist gave couples to write similar stories, and one couple ended up fighting about the content and outcome of the story.

I just added my first entry to the already existing entries … there are simple and effective control systems to take out malicious users from the system. Thats good.

Looks like some people do remember that I is for Implementation after all. Kudos Anubhav and Dhruv … sahi concept!

5 thoughts on “Stiki! or Story 2.0”

  1. Its such a delight to hear from you after so long! And I think the idea of a book written by several authors is amazing.

    In fact – in the past, Ive actually thought of writing a book collaboratively with a couple of other ignited souls.
    sounds interesting!

  2. Hi LC,
    Yes, it has been a while … so many things have happened over the last couple of years :-)

    Hey! Why not give it a whirl on this site. Writing in bits and pieces does make it a little bit interesting.

  3. Splendid!
    Talk about open source lit![;)]
    have you ever tried something called relay writing? what happens in this creative writing competition is the two writers of the team author alternating sentences.

    it was great fun!

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