Outstanding Ocelot

I have completely switched to Ubuntu at my home. The operating system is so much superior in a number of ways. So when the upgrade from 11.04 (Narwhale) to 11.10 (Ocelot) came, I quickly upgraded. It took some 2 hours to download all the files and upgrade the system, but it was so worth it.

  • The Unity bar has improved a lot, with all the installed applications available at the press of a few keystrokes.
  • The additional keys on the keyboard such as WinKey, Properties, etc are also auto-detected and integrated into the system
  • Volume control comes with the built in music library – Banshee
  • Add the Ubuntu Restricted apps, Wine and the system becomes a better Windows!
  • The top bar now behaves in ways similar to that such as a Mac
Here’s to an outstanding upgrade.