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  • Getting Rid of the Blocky Display in Skyrim

    Getting Rid of the Blocky Display in Skyrim

    I have been complaining about the block display in Skyrim in my previous post. This always happened with WinXP and not with Win7. To switch OSes for one game seemed unjustifiable, so I decided to look into this issue. The real reason why the blocky display is happening is because the video driver is not […]

  • Curse: A Gamer’s Blessing

    Curse: A Gamer’s Blessing

    If you are into games as much as I am or if you are either into World of Warcraft of Skyrim, then this post is definitely for you! One of the things that differentiates a good game (such as Torchlight) from an awesome one (the ones I have listed above) is the developer community. Not […]

  • Skyrim: Bethesda’s Redemption

    Skyrim: Bethesda’s Redemption

    The History The first time I heard of Bethesda, was when I was playing The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The game is an open RPG where the player can freely roam about in the world completing quests and adventuring. Throughout the game, there were indications that there is a theme bigger than the game running […]