I am a huge fan of the legend of Merlin and King Arthur. In fact Merlin is one of my favorite mages, right up there with  Gandalf (of the LOTR fame), Jaina Proudmore (of the WoW fame) and Sabrina (of the Archies fame).

Movies like the First Knight and King Arthur, have been made, but all of them have really underplayed the tale of Arthur and Merlin, and the involvement of Merlin in the legend. In fact both the movies fail to mention the schemes of Morgan Le Fay in this tale.

Until now that is.

A new series has just started this April, starring Joseph Fiennes, Claire Forlani and Eva Green. I got hold of te pilot episode which was aired last week, and it looks promising.

A review on IMDB

With his shaved head, expressive eyes and mercurial intensity, Joseph Fiennes is arguably the finest Merlin I have witnessed in my #$ years on this earth. The persona seems to possess him, or, possibly he has possessed it. Eva Green, as Morgan is simply begirded in the essence and romanticism of that which currently attracts young people to the Goth lifestyle. She is beautiful and mesmerizing in her character. I am a fan of James Purefoy, and as usual, this man can be anybody he wishes. He is a bad boy and carries it very well in “Camelot.” Claire Forlani is exquisite and gives us a woman with some strength, rather than the pretty little one who must merely be saved. Jamie Campbell Bower, as Arthur, and Peter Mooney, as Kay, are delightful as two young cubs at play who must grow into great men of responsibility.

One single complaint with all current series that are being aired in the US though, an extra almost unnecessary element of sex is present. I wonder if they build it into the script only to increase TRPs. However, the series shows a promising start – do check it out.